August 9th, 2008


Dance dance, board games (Agricola)

I've 8 more days till my dance intensive at Richmond, VA! I've been lazy about ballet classes, so I dragged myself to the int/adv class today... and there were a bunch of Company members, including my teacher taking class. Eeeek. Totally intimidated, I did the barre, then slinked away to an empty room to do some turns, abs and jumps by myself.

Took a quick stroll to the farmer's market, then went to Dragon's Lair, even met a guy I used to date there. It was very chill, and I felt totally comfortable, joking around and making new friends, and being the only girl in the group. We played this game called "Agricola".. the rules were very complicated for a Euro game. We played the family version, and then the easy version. Still 2 more levels to go. Apparently it's a new game that people have been raving about.. I can see why it's #4 on the BGG list. Definitely enjoyed it more then Puerto Rico.

Yeah. Better then Puerto Rico, take that you Puerto Rico dorks :)

Watched the season finale of So You Think You Can Dance and cried. Typical.

I'm really enjoying my saturday, even though I had to log in for work.

It occurs to me while Andy's been away that I've been reverting to really dorky pursuits.