September 20th, 2008


Pirate show

So I'm still coughing, and was definitely not in the mood to do an improv show, but showed up anyways, cos I figure I could always just support as an audience member. However, IFE was doing a pirate show!! So how can I not play?

It was a really fun show, playful, a crowd-pleaser. And I really had fun... a whole show about pirates! LOL.

I liked it. A no pressure show.
I like pretty things

Documentary for Adult ballet dancers

I think I haven't posted about this yet:

I bought this DVD a few months ago, it chronicles several adult dancers, through adult dance camp and their lives. I found one of the dancer a bit whiney but the rest were awesome. The producer used his own money to make this, so it's not big studio quality. But should be of interest to the ballet readers on my friend list.