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October 21st, 2008

Food and fashion

Food: Picking up on Restaurant week, yesterday Chioke, Peter, Laura, Todd and I went to Starlite Cafe, which we had chosen based on the menu, and never heard anything about it. It was delicious. I loved the food.. I got fois gras and beef tenderloin which was very soft and flavorful. It's located across from downtown Truluck's. I highly recommend it.

Afterwards I hanged out in Bookpeople with Andykins.

Fashion: So I've been watching Timm Gunn's guide to style and I absolutely love the show. I got so inspired that I removed the awesome container store shelving Bob A had helped me install (along with the safety latch on the sliding docks.. miss you already Bob!) and bought some hangers. So now all my shirts are hanged up, which makes such a difference, so I'm not always using the shirt on the top of the pile, and I get easier access.

Also, I have engineer-wear. Usually for work I wear some comfy black pants, and some witty shirt.. like 99 red balloons, or 1 upcake, death vadar was framed, or <#include love.h>, that kind. And I only wear fancy clothes when I have a reason to dress up, like restaurant week, or parties. But Tim Gunn inspired me, so I wore some nice jeans to work... and I didn't realize the geeks at work notice, but I've had 2 surprised comments already: You're wearing jeans!
Hahah, maybe one day I'll wear my cute dresses and amazing shiny pointy black shoes instead of the comfy sandals to work and they'll be shocked to find that I'm female.


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