October 22nd, 2008

I like pretty things

the magic

Today at musical theatre class, we were singing "drummer boy" and sometimes the magic was there and the hair on my arms would stand, and sometimes it was gone. So odd.

I miss ballet class, I was watching the elementary class from the second floor after musical theatre was over, and a lot of the folks saw me watch, and would wave, or give me a big kiss :) I am loved.

things have been so hectic with austin restaurant week and work and stuff. Looking forward to be able to dance again.

Last night: Melting pot, there was 6 of us. It was slow. I can't recommend melting pot except for chocolate fondue.

I went to Kohls today to get jeans and decided they were all mediocre. So I went to Hem jeans. And it was way expensive.. but I think it's better to have one classic piece that fits really well, then 5 jeans that are all mediocre.