June 11th, 2009

I like pretty things

ballet etiqutte, sytycd, and a go for dance camp in August.

So, I was watching the results show of SYTYCD, and then the tornado warnings took over programming. There's some hail but so far tiny.

Today I went to ballet class for the first time in a while, and while I was signing in, there were sheets for: beginning ballet 2, intermediate ballet (which is 2 steps above beginning ballet), and musical theatre. I tried to sneakily sign in for beginning ballet, since the last time I took intermediate ballet, the teacher, Arletta, made some remarks about how rusty I was. So that was terrible for my self-esteem. My friends noticed though, and one of them scoffed at the idea of taking beginning ballet. One of the few downsides of building a community.

So at the beginning ballet class, when I got there I took one of the spots in front, a good prime spot. And the girl across from me at the barre was acting really possessive about the barre space. She looked really skinny and so I was like, maybe she's a really good dancer, slumming it in beginning ballet. But afterwards when I watched her, she was kinda crappy. And I'm like, whoa, isn't it early for you to develop primadonna tendencies? In the ballet world, generally the front of the lines are given to the senior dancers. Anyways, I was pretty much the best dancer in that class, which is actually not often, since a lot of times, really good dancers -do- slum it in the lower levels to develop their strengths in the fundamentals.

Anyways, I knew though, if I was in the intermediate class, Arletta would have been so picking on me and making me feel like I disappointed her, so that kept my head from going too big.

Though, there was one point when we were doing right pirouttes I was doing it so well, I tried for a second piroutte in the middle of finishing my first and almost twisted my foot. Very graceful there.

Oh. I am signing up for dance camp in Richmond, VA again. I have 3 months to get in shape. I definitely notice that I'm weaker. My endurance, stamina, and feet strength needs work. Especially my left foot.