July 9th, 2009


Pennsic and dance and repoman

So I'm going to Pennsic. And Andy is going to Canada for 3 weeks for improv workshops. And then I fly to Dance camp, then Andy and I have a week to get to know each other again, before we both go to Burning Man. It's going to be insane but awesome.

I'm actually getting super excited about Pennsic, and wishing that I'm going there for longer. But I think it's a good thing, wishing to be someplace for much longer.

Greg offered me a camping spot at Lurkr, which is a pretty awesome spot, right across the performance arts tent, and the dance tent. They also have Tuesday steak night, not that I will be there. But a pretty sweet looking meal plan.

Tonight I went to Arletta's ballet class, which.. I haven't been for a long time since she said I was rusty, then I was scared to go to her class, and I've been taking low level ballet class. But I went to her class and it was so much fun. Between her personality, good teaching, and our singing pianist, it was great. And yes, she still picked on me. After a combination, she called me out, and made me do a turn repeatedly until I got it right. Finally she told everyone else to try it as well so I would stop feeling embarassed. I was blushing. Gah. But whatever, it's good for me. And I know I needed to move up since the last elementary ballet class, I was thinking of mojitos while doing barre work, and wasn't really engaged until we started doing more complicated petit allegro. I'm getting the hang of saut de basques.

Then I went to a friends' place "The Almost Spider House" and saw Repo-man. That was.. interesting.

Caught up on SYTYCD.