July 16th, 2009


private ballet

Took ballet class with Jennifer tonight, then had a half hour private lesson with her. We worked on fouettes, brises, sissones-faille. And I could feel my body getting so hot, with heat emanating from my skin. And my mouth was parched. It was awesome intense workout. I felt euphoric joy afterwards. Yay for seretonin high!

SYTYCD is awesome.
I like pretty things

uchi cat!

Uchi climbed up on the computer table, then to my lap. And he's purring really loudly. Cutie cat!

Happy hour at Pluckers with my favorite co-workers, then was late to ballet class, where I did a really good turn and the teacher rather surprisingly said: "That was very nice!"

Rest of the night is a quiet night, just me and kitty.
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