August 7th, 2009


Julia Child chicken is da bomb

So continuing my Julia Child fad, I tried the roast chicken recipe. Basically, it was super simple, you take salt and butter, and you bast it over the chicken, repeatedly. You start at the heat at 475, then after 20 mins, you put it down to 350, but you turn the chicken every 8 minutes, and baste it with salt and butter (by basting, I just poured the salt & butter over it). Delicious, fed it to my friends who came to the SYTYCD finale viewing party.

Btw, I totally approve of the SYTYCD winner.

I made snowpeas and green beans for the vegetables, with salt, butter and garlic.
Michael, the ballet austin apprentice brought rice crispies which we put nutella over.
And there were wine from Miriam and her friend.
Orlando did his homework while the show aired.

It was all very chill, and made me happy.