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August 24th, 2009

Home, for the moment!

1. Pennsic - Check
2. Dance camp - Check
3. Burning Man -

I left Pennsic wishing that I was staying there longer, and I left dance camp feeling like I could do that for a very long time.
We leave for Burning Man next Tuesday. I'm a bit apprehensive about the trip, being in the dessert and all, and sandstorms, and giant worms, and spice.
In fact, I'm tempted to go to the Saratoga dance camp instead next week, except that Andy will kill me, and we've spent quite a bit of money on Burning Man already.
But after one week of constant dancing my body just wants to keep dancing.

Anyways, I'm in cubicle land at the moment, putting out small fires.

I'm also wondering about bringing my slr camera to the playa. It seems some people manage to do it without wrecking their camera, but some people do. In fact, I would give it a 30% chance of my camera not surviving. But man, the photo opportunities!! I read of people covering their cameras with ziploc bags, uv lenses, even an underwater case (but those are very expensive), and there's websites with tips and tricks and one that says: "Your camera will never be the same. The dust gets everywhere."