September 14th, 2009

I like pretty things

Sunday blurb

Yesterday was lunch at Kim Phung with Andy. Then a nap.
Overcrowded ballet class and modern class at Ballet Austin's free day of dance.
Andy went to do a corporate improv gig, and then afterwards we both went to Stephen's for some Beatle's Rock Band. I'm hesitant on buying it because it would seem I would need three mikes if I want to hit the triple harmonies, and I'm afraid we'll end up buying the guitar and drums as well, which we don't really have space for in our 852 sq feet condo. I really enjoying the harmonizing part though. So maybe we'll have a vocals only set up for Rock Band.
I like pretty things

The slide at Burning Man

That I was afraid to go up on (but Andy did).. According to Patri:

"Just heard that the slide had 12 injuries a day, and was responsible for the only death at Burning Man, via a broken neck. It was the top supplier of people to the medical tents. Although, keep in mind that it had something like 10 people a minute, 24/7, so that's 14,400 slides a day.

Should have been shallower. I wonder whether the death was due to bad luck or stupidity."