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November 16th, 2009

Crystal Ball

Best moments
- Remembering how awesome it is to dance with someone who is a great lead, their assurance and calmness during the dance makes it so enjoyable.
- Slumber party at Jeff's apartment.
- Had a really good time with: Capricia, Gwommy, Mauran and Brianna. In the end, it's about the friendships.
- The St Louis City Musuem.. it's a giant adult playground. You guys have to visit if you haven't.. it's pretty amazing. Lots of crawl spaces and giant slides, like the one at Burning Man this year. Gosh, Burners would go crazy at that musuem. They have caves and wire tunnels in the air, there were multiple things I skipped because I was afraid of heights.

Not so good moments
- Remembering how some people give/take affection so capriciously and leave you always unsure where you to stand on. So you try harder to garner their attention. But in the end, it's just stupid. Must learn to not let them affect me.
- The stupid SCA politics