November 21st, 2009


Boardgame geek

Today was a really good day. The leisure start with breakfast in the room helped, and after a shower, I waited a while in the "Hot games" room so I could play Gates of Loyang, which was quite good. Same family as Agricola and Le Havre, with resource collection and managing farm stuff.

Then I got to try the the Agricola expansion: Farmers of the Moor, which I did not like. I felt it just made the game more stressful. In addition to food, you have to worry about fuel. And there were double major improvements, and more actions, and more things to worry about. It felt more like work than a game.

After those two games I was in a game daze, so I took a break, went to the hotel gym and did 30 mins on the treadmill. Then had dinner with a large group. It was fun.

The next "hot" game I tried was: Power Grid: Factory Manager. Again, same mechanics as power grid in terms of bidding, but I thought it was kind of a let down. Boo for trying to sell games just based on brand power.

Then it was time for the second and last Midnight Madness! Where they do a lottery at midnight for really cool games, and I kept looking at my number, and my friend William was laughing at me each time I looked sad that I missed it by two digits. And I was like: "I'm going to win! You see!" Each time a number is called, and someone claimed, the crowd cheered. And I was like: "I want the crowd to cheer me! Just because I got the right number!"
And then... the announcer called my number! I jumped in happiness, and my friends laughed and cheered, and I won this game called "Greed". Which is funny, since it's not really my type of game... I have the impression it's a network, economic optimization game. I have to play it tomorrow to see what it really is like. Either way, I can sell it too, it's really expensive, and I can trade it for any other game.

After that we played: "Let's catch the lion!" Which is a simplified Japanese chess game. Really simple, cute and hard. I picked it up from the con library because it looked cute! And it was on the Essen (German board game fair) table.

Then, we tried to play this other game I thought looked artistic and reminded me of Where the Wild Things are. (need to get title tomorrow). But it was complicated and we didn't know the rules.

Then we played a German card game called, "No, Thanks!" (really good simple mechanics) and "Small world" (which I'm not really a fan of but keep getting stuck playing. I won.)

As for yesterday's game reviews:
- Shogun: Really like this game. The combat tower is fun. My second time playing it.
- Neuland: Network optimization game. One of the few games I walked away in the middle from, after getting permission from the other players. It was so clear that I was fucked, there was no way I can recover, and I didn't want to just hang around being kingmaker. But it was my first time playing and I didn't really know the rules. So I will give it another chance.