November 25th, 2009


boardgame night, mattress

so usually i invite a small group of people to play boardgames at my place, and they're people i would consider hardcore boardgamers. but today, i decided to change it up a bit, and invited my UT CS friends, who i haven't hung out with in ages. the people that showed up were: igor, katie, todd, nick, anne, jenn.

we played mostly light games, which i expected. i generally enjoy harder games, but a couple of them made noises about long games (which agricola apparently fell under) and so we stuck to dominion, jungle speed, bananagram, and a new game: no thanks!

all very fun, and i did enjoy the social aspect of it. so i guess it was a different kind of boardgaming. a more social kind.

i'm looking forward to having my organic wool mattress topper arrive. i am planning to move my bedframe to andy's room, so we'll have my room available for social activities as well, as i can just roll my 3-inch mattress topper. yay for japanese style bed! i hope it's comfy enough.
i've decided that my current mattress is too soft and bad for my back.