January 11th, 2010

I like pretty things

The itchy and scratchy show!

So I broke into hives the last few days. Not. Pleasant. The last time I had a big outbreak of hives was 3 years ago in Seattle, and we couldn't figure out why. And I had touched a tree then, and I thought that might be it. This time, I'm also wondering if it's because I've been moving the keffir tree and the jasmine tree back and forth because of the cold, and some tick/chigger bit me. Another possibility is oysters. I ate more then my usual serving of oysters at Parkside on Wed, and I remember being vaguely itchy, but it wasn't till Fri night when I really became the itchy and scratchy show.

Last night was not pleasant either, I kept scratching, and resisting the scratching, which felt like a mild burn. It was an interesting sensation, resisting the scratching. I tried to kick Andy out of bed, but his room is a mess right now, so there's no room for him to sleep. We've been sleeping together constantly since the holidays, which is rather unusual, since we usually alternate between sharing a bed and not. I wish we had a king bed!

Stupid hives. I haven't really been scratching today so hopefully that means tonight I get a restful night.

We made a track to Hutto yesterday to hang out with the Pinon family, whom we've gotten to really like and enjoy hanging out with. And we were supposed to go out and see Up in the Air but Andy fell asleep at 9 pm. While I scratched and watched Dexter.

Work has been really good today. I also decorated a concrete column with Cornell stuff, since they instituted an adopt-a-column program. I put a big obnoxious "ivy league" sign on it.

I am so happy I haven't been itchy for a while.