January 22nd, 2010

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100 photoshoot project

So Keith talked about how he did 5000 drawings of faces to learn how to get better. He never noticed himself improving, but when he looked at drawing #1 and drawing #4400, he could see a huge difference.

And he talked about how it takes 10000 hours to get good at anything, including improvising.

So I think I will start a 100 photoshoot project.  It will be of people.
So far I'm going to count 2, the Ivy Lynn shoot, and the recent engagement shoot.

Next up is a Vintage Pin-up shoot with models, and another pin-up shoot for a friend!
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#2 of 100 photoshoot project

The first Keith/Leslie engagement shoot.
I offered them 2 shoots in case I messed up ;-)

I said I was going to give them 30 pics, but ended giving them 62 pics. Thank goodness considering they being 1.5 hr late and us rushing around to take outdoors pics before sunset.
These are my favs:

So I didn't notice the reflection of the bridge until I was reviewing the pics and I'm like, whoa! Reflections of bridges are so cool!

K and L engagement shoot

Austin engagement shoot