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April 7th, 2010

family, moments

I guess the wedding stuff has started. I picked up my Aunt who flew from the other side of the world, and took her to her hotel, and had a lovely dinner at the Stephen F Austin. I guess she must travel a lot, since they upgraded her to a suite. She brought stuff from my mom, and Andy and I got gifts from both of them. My Aunt made some Indonesian (nastar) baked goods, and we got a bunch of Indonesian sweets. It was really nice of her. We talked about some light stuff... some heavy stuff as well which got me to tear up, like my brother who passed away when he was 16. I feel guilty that I was not a better sister. Sorry, Stephen.

I'm tired now. I've been playing a lot of Words with Friends, which gets my mind of wedding stuff and that's nice.

Tomorrow I've to work, and then I'm taking time off.

A lot of people have told me that people don't remember their weddings. I guess that's why we have a photographer. But hopefully blogging will help me remember stuff. Like the quiet moment now, after visiting with my Aunt, remembering my childhood, my brother, mother, and other relatives. I'm definitely going to try to blog the day after the wedding, or at the least try to write a few lines.

The moments of me and Andy fighting over things like... the amount of food to order, why we have a houseguest the weekend before the wedding, the number of guests to invite, why the food haven't been ordered, why he hasn't gotten a suit yet , whether he's dressing up for the wedding.

And the things we didn't fight about (at least not yet), like the wedding dance, the vows, the readings, the reception, the ceremony, the food.

The moments of panicking over the idea of 190 people watching and studying me, worrying about judgy girls and judgy gay guys.

The moments of excitement that my wedding day is coming up.

And the breathtaking moment of remembering that someone as awesome as Andy is wanting to marry me.



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