May 13th, 2010

I like pretty things

Photos photos

I've decided manually editting 300 photos one by one from my wedding is insane, and will take me forever to posting my pics.
So I've just a few more edits to do though, and I should be done.

However, this weekend I'm doing a headshot for an opera singer, and engagement pics for lone_concertina. And my honeymoon pics is still not up!

So far all this photography stuff isn't boring me. That's a good sign.

Burning Flipside is in a few weekends, the theme is Apocalyptic Prom. I don't think I want to buy more costumes, my closet is too full. I think I'd rather use Burning Flipside to wear clothing I'm normally to shy to wear because of body issues.

Orlando subbed for my ballet class last night. He was actually pretty good, so this may work out.