May 18th, 2010

ceiling cat

best iPhone game ever: Plants vs Zombies

So I downloaded Plants vs Zombies on Sunday and finished it yesterday. It was so addicting, but a great game for the iPhone. Download it!! You have to use plants to defend your house from Zombies!

After finishing that game, I was in a videogame mood, so I finished Mass Effect 1. I had stopped playing that game just before I finished it last year because I loved it so much. I have a tendency to not finish things because I don't want it to end. For example, I have not seen the series finale of Star Trek: TNG. And there is one David Tennant Dr Who episode I still haven't seen, and some of the early Christmas specials (but those are hard to get in the US).

I think it's worked out so far, since I save them for when I need them. Like the season finale of David Tennant's Dr Who during my wedding day.

However, the problem with stopping Mass Effect just before I finished was I forgot about the game, so I had to reread the quest and codex files. But I finished it, and my character was a bad ass! The only complaint I had was that there was a little sex scene, and my character is female, but all I got to see was a bit of her body, not the male! Stupid male game developers, assuming most gamers are males.