September 8th, 2010

I like pretty things

cloudy and rainy

I couldn't sleep till 2 am because of bad heartburn. It's been bad the last two weeks, and the labor day weekend of carbs didn't help either. I seem to bloat when I eat high carb/sugar food, and I think it gets all gassy and it helps pushes acid up my throat. Painful. So today, I resolve to eat better.

I made several mistakes with my new camera while shooting for OOB, good thing it was a volunteer gig. I couldn't figure out why my lens wouldn't focus during the show, and it took me a while to figure some arcane setting on the body. And my first OOB show I shot in the lowest possible resolution and couldn't figure out why my pics look crappy. Duh. But I love how I can shoot really really low-light and the picture looks great. Pretty awesome.

Ballet Austin opened up again for the Fall, and the class kicked my butt. There were only 4 of us because of the torrential rain, so lots of personal attention and hard work.

The rain. On Monday, I spent 2 hours steam-cleaning Andy's new car that smell of mold and then rolled the windows down. It rained. $@#$!@%. It is still raining!

I know one of my super power is to attract rain or cooler weather (along with finding rock-star parking). Apparently it doesn't translate to repelling the rain weather. :)