October 8th, 2010

I like pretty things

Crappy food

So the financial fast is beating me down on the food front. I'm at $25 out of $200. This is also a month with 5 full weekends.

Yesterday a coworker stopped by my cube and offered me a sugar cookie with multicolored icing. I immediately thought: "Free food!" And I ate one, and I almost finished all of it before I realized: I don't even like this. This is the anti-thesis of all that I believe in food. This is fake food. There's food coloring, there's no protein nor nutrients. It is completely processed. I'm only eating it cos it's free.

Then for our date night, Andy scored free tickets to the Texas Freedom Network gala through the Hideout, and we went. There was free food and a little bit of drink. And I ate a lot. And again, I was unsatisfied with the food.

Before, if there was a free vendor lunch, I'd rather go out by myself with a book and eat szchuan food. Free food generally means pizza, chips, processed crap. I feel a bit resentful because I spend my day job doing things that I don't want to do for money. Like go to useless meetings. But in my free time, I do what I want. But now because of the budget, money is playing a higher role then pleasure.

My team is doing happy hour after work. More money. And then it's the weekend. Tired.

I spent a lot of yesterday night after the gala editing the reception pictures. Tired.