October 19th, 2010

I like pretty things

Financial update

An update on the financial fast:
Andy is at 103.5 and me at 97.5.

The bad part is our grocery joint account is at 35.55 left. We have a monthly 335 budget for groceries that we decided we're going to stick to for this month. Andy was disapproving of me buying 30 worth of sake until I told him that sake makes me happy and want to have sex.

It's all about priorities :-P

I really want to extend this experiment further, except with more room next month. It sucks not being able to spend money when I want to. Like I saw this awesome Dr Who Tardis wallet on Etsy that I wanted. And I want some sake glasses.

The payoff is that even though I had to buy a computer this month, my spending is still much much lower then last month's.

Speaking of new computer, it's kinda nice to take a break from editing photos for a while. I have an e-shoot, wedding, and a volunteer show on the queue.