October 28th, 2010

caroso in bedclothes

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Story 1:
Today as I was driving to work, the sun was still low enough to give me glare, and I drove very slow. Then this woman runs across the middle of the street in front of me, it was fine since I was really slow but I didn't even see her until she was right in front of me. Then 2 minutes later, I saw a car make a right into a bicycle, and the biker and bicycle both went down. It all happened so quickly. The car immediately stop and the guy ran out of his car towards the biker. I stopped to witness but there was another witness, and the biker looked fine though he had cuts.

Story 2:
With all the daily tracking of money (I've about $18 left in my $200), I stopped with the daily calorie tracking and weighing myself. It was too much tracking. Usually I compulsively weigh myself, and after some time of not doing that, I felt like I must have gained 8 lbs or something. I finally weighed myself today and it's been where it's mostly been before October. So yay for maintenance. It's nice to know that if I don't count calories everyday I don't immediately balloon. Since I didn't know where I was calorie wise, I would just think: "Well, I had dessert for lunch, so I should prob have a small dinner. " Instead of: "I'm at 1200 calories for the day and I have 700 more."

Story 3:
I sold my first print ever. Huzzah! Not a bride, a friend of the family it looks like.
The customer pays 16.45 for an 8x10 print ($10 for the print, rest is USPS priority mail)
Zenfolio takes the order and fulfills it through Mpix, provides customer service. And I get... $7.05 of profit. Before taxes. So after taxes I get.. $4!
Man, there's a lot of middlemen profiting from my work. I can see why other photographers charge far more for 8x10s.
Here's the proofing site I went with. They're pretty awesome so far.