November 13th, 2010

I like pretty things

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Today was a rough day.
I think I'm just exhausted, and I made two mistakes. 
First, I had a client meeting and I didn't have a contract with me so I tried to print it out at home but the ink is completely gone. So I went to Kinkos but they had major issues and their printers weren't working. Finally got one printed and was 10 mins late to the first client meeting. 

Then, I second shot for someone and I noticed afterwards that somehow I accidentally changed the file format from RAW to .TIFF. I emailed her and told her if it was a problem she can have her payment back. :(

I'm learning that if I'm too busy and stressy and don't have downtime, I make mistakes.

Tomorrow is another crazy day. Starting with a 9:30 am family shoot at Steiner Ranch. 
Volunteering with 270 girl scouts.