November 27th, 2010

I like pretty things

Big Island is Big

I am really digging all this island wear, which I guess isn't suprising since sundresses and sandals are my fav clothing. Yesterday I went shopping at the Kona open market and bought a bunch of island wear for cheap, and got a whole bunch as presents for family.

We then crashed the Four Seasons here which is 20x bigger then the one in Maui. Everything is bigger in the big island! I was on the hunt for the magical powdery beach we experienced in the Maui Four Seasons, but even here I didn't find it. I guess this island just has courser beaches... they are still awesome, but I especially love the white powdery beaches.

Anyways, we explored the gigantic, over-the-top Four Seasons there, who refused to give me a discount for booking last minute, so we're staying elsewhere. They had a rock-climbing gym, and 8 tennis courts. Seriously ostentatious. Lots of pretty blondes and rich looking people. Anyways, we enjoyed their beach for a while, (the beaches are public access, the trick is getting to them), and then we went on our airplane tour! 

It was a fixed wing airplane, a douglas air van, 8 seater. Very very tiny. We flew over the island, and saw a different perspective on the lava flow. It's amazing, we could see how whole swathes of the island is covered by the lava and is now unusable gray rock (at least for 200 years before things grow on it again). The lava would flow until it reaches the ocean. Rivers of black. This island is so young, I think only 800,000 years old.

Andy was blown away by the giant valleys, we're talking many valleys each walled by gigantic cliffs, and is really hard to get through. One was in the ending scene of Jurassic Park. Lush, untouched, almost impossible to get to valleys.

We got lucky and saw a lot of waterfalls, I guess since it was raining harder then usual. Huge giant cliffs, with waterfalls tumbling down on the side. I felt like I was in a movie.

We also saw the lava spewing into the ocean during the day, it turns out that the private night lava tour we did a few days ago was frowned upon by the Volcano National Park Rangers. Because at any time sections of lava could get too heavy and crack away from the island. Apparently some guy fell into the ocean like that. I did think it was crazy that we were walking over lava. We were on the dried parts, and below the surface were lava flowing. There was a crack and we looked through it and saw lava. But I guess we just took a bet that it wouldn't happen while we were there.

On the plane, we flew over "sunlights". Craters where the lava tube roof had fallen and we could peer into the lava below. Freaking amazing. Also, we saw islands of greens that still had a house standing, and one new lava flow that was very slowly going to get to a house. It burns everything it touches, until it becomes flat gray stone.

Andy and I both got motion sickness from the plane though, and there were bumpy moments where we were in zero gravity as the plane sharply drops and that was scary.

After that we checked into the Mauna Lani Bay Hotel, which was #2 on tripadvisor (#1 was Four Seasons). It wasn't priced too steeply, still expensive though. We got there at night and everything outside was dim. They had ponds with fishes and sea turtles. Andy and I creeped out into the beach while it was dark, with no one around, and saw the Milky Way and lots of stars and shooting stars. The ocean waves making background music. It was amazing. We made love. (What? It's my travelogue, and I've always wanted to do that on the beach!)

Dinner was Monstera, delicious sushi. Lunch was Pine Tree Cafe: local hawaiian fare.

I really just wanna stay here for a whole month. I was thinking while on the beach, why do we spend so much of our lives working, and so few of it playing? I don't think I can convince Andy to move to Hawaii though.