December 7th, 2010

I like pretty things


We got a real live Christmas tree in our house! It makes me very happy since I haven't had a tree since I was a kid, and back then we had plastic ones. The whole house smells like pine. We haven't decorated it yet, I've a few ornaments from over the years. Andy's Mom give us an ornament each year that marks something significant in the year. So I'm happy that most of the stuff on that tree will have memories already.

Yesterday 2 of my girlfriends came over and we had much girl talk over whiskey (it was serious girl talk). And tonight I'm having guys coming over to play Sid Maier's Civilization, the board game. Which is seriously hardcore geeky. Happy.

I'm page 8 on google now.
I like pretty things

On Travel lust

So traveling makes me want to travel more. But I think after thinking of possible 2011 travel plans, I may have to just stay put in TX this December, despite having a 2 week vacation coming up. I just paid for MGM Grand hotel in Vegas, and Andy and my flight to Ithaca. Not cheap.

Current 2011 travel plans:
- WPPI Convention (wedding and portrait photographers), Las Vegas, Feb
- Cornell Reunion, Ithaca, June
- Known World Dance and Music Symposium, Indiana, July
- 2 dance camp in a row, Richmond, VA, August
- Boardgamegeek convention, Dallas, November
- Indonesia (maybe Singapore too?), December

Skipping Pennsic this year.

I would also like to do a small trip this year to either Switzerland (crash space available) or Costa Rica (cheaper then Switzerland).
I'm assuming Eivind would let me stay with him in Norway too? I have too many friends in the Bay Area. :-P

Yes, travel is a major reason why I drive a 12 year old car. Why renovate my bathroom when I can go to... Costa Rica?