December 21st, 2010

I like pretty things

Monday vacation

So today was my first Monday while on vacation, and I loveeeed it. It looked like this:

10:30 am - alarm wakes me up.

11 am - Meeting with a Photography couple in Austin that charges 3600 per wedding. They were super friendly and helpful and gave me really good info.

12:30 pm - Post office to mail last minute gifts.

1 pm - Lunch at Kerby Lane with neighbor and ballet friend

2 pm - Bought a necklace and dress from my fav used store: Buffalo Exchange

3 pm - Finished the last Halo campaign mission with Peter. Got our Legendary achievements.

6 pm - Met another ballet friend at nearby wine bar, Vino Vino

7:30 pm - Caught up on some Fringe with Andy

10 pm - Wrote my first ad copy for Google ads. (I'm already at $5 daily for facebook, I think I'll start with $3 daily on google.)

midnight - One more fringe episode, occasionally going out to look for a lunar eclipse

2 am - bed time.