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January 12th, 2011

clotted cream is amazing.

Yesterday I had a client meeting at The Steeping Room, which is a tea shop at the Domain, and I had my first clotted cream ever. So delicious. With an apricot scone and sencha green tea. I love that place! I must remember it for future north client meetings.

Anyways, the bride was super adorable. And she found me on craigslist, which I really don't expect people to hire me from there, but it's free exposure. A lot of craigslist photographers price at 600 bucks. And I'm more then twice that. She wasn't even looking for a photographer there, but found me.

So marketing. It works.

I also had 2 new inquiries yesterday, was is my highest in one day.

Oh yeah, she booked me with the prices I had just increased with in December. AAAAaaaah. I came home and felt so happy. Just so freaking happy. 

Weddings: 3/20

Then I spent the rest of the night working on paperwork, like scanning contracts and hiring second shooters. And then had a really tough time sleeping because my mind was so busy. Apparently with photography I'm a workaholic.

I also booked a 1x1 mentor session with Otto Schulze. Not cheap. I wrestled with it a little bit, but went ahead. He is based in CO, and when I did a lunch with the successful 3600/per wedding austin photographers, they told me to contact him and see if he would meet with me. He's in Dallas in a few weeks, so we're going to meet up. Otto's weddings starts at 6000. I love his work because of the artistry and also how he process them. I'm sure I'll learn a lot.


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