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January 13th, 2011

musical theatre and the creative dress code

I was dragging my feet on signing up for the spring broadway workshop because it's every wednesday rehearsal and more near the show times. It also takes up a prime wedding weekend for Texas.

So I went to the first rehearsal just in case I was up for it, and found out there was a waiting list and it was full! But after talking to Danny, he totally waved me in, since I was an old-timer. Woo!

We did a Chicago medley of all that jazz-my baby and me-mister cellophane. It was quite a challenging rehearsal with almost splits and weird Fosse walks, but I guess all the years of Danny and Rocker have started to seep into my body. Fosse is very different and angular and lower-back pain inducing.

Also, this means I will talk about something besides photography once in a while!

So I like that I get to dress up when I go to client meetings. I think creative professionals are expected to look... artsy or something. And it's fun to try to do that.

My general software programmer dress code is black pants, and witty t-shirt from think geek. (Today's is: Come to the Dark Side, we have cookies - V)

My hair is also unusually long right now, mostly because of all the photography expanses means I've been cutting back on hairdos, and fine dining. I might try to cut some layers into it myself to make it look more hip though.

Woo! Creative professional! Also, now when people ask me what I do, I now say: "Wedding Photographer." 


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