April 5th, 2011

I like pretty things


I'm taking two weeks off and it's been pretty great. I've finished editting the March 26 pictures, and I figured out an online slideshow software. And I've a blog post queued up. I want my couples to see the slideshow first.

I'm shooting my first back to back wedding this weekend. Crazy.

On another front, I'm trying not to worry about irregular income. So far, Jan, Feb and especially March, I've been able to cover my expanses only on photography. But, it's also booking season. And March was sweet because I was still booking, and the final payments of April wedding was due.

I guess from April till December I'll be happy to just book one wedding a month. I'm currently at 13 for 2011 and 1 for 2012.

It's just weird not to have regularity in income. But I think in the slow months I will take up some part-time gig. Going to attempt to get non-coding gigs first.
I like pretty things

Ladies who lunch

Man, I could get used to this.

Went to the Steeping Room for lunch with a client. Had a lovely salmon, cucumber, cream cheese tea sandwich and matcha green tea steamer.

Then strolled around the Apple store. Bumped into a coworker:
Him: "Hey! You're not on vacation!"
Me: "Aren't you supposed to be at work?"

Thankfully it was someone I already confided in several days ago.
Strolled around Anthropologie, and then Half Price books.
Stopped through Starbucks to grab some chai and bumped into dance friends.

And now I'm at home. The plan tonight is dinner at Zen's and playing Kid Icarus (old Nintendo game) with Peter.

Granted, I'm still getting a paycheck, though not going to work. Best of both worlds! ;-)

ps: yesterday I spent a lot of work on my photography so today is chill out time!