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July 9th, 2011

Jul. 9th, 2011

Today I met with immlass to talk about doing portraits for her, and then I had another client meeting for a 2012 wedding. We bonded and I felt really good about it, but then she asked for my references. Which was the first time ever that I was asked for references. I sent her the email of 2 past brides. Hopefully they say nice things.

The current dresses of anthropologie is not impressive.

Speaking of anthropologie, I've been frugal in funny ways. For example, I've been selling my books on half.com, and not having boxes for them, so I cut up big boxes to make small boxes. And tape them myself. It's actually quite a bit of time for $4. But I enjoy doing it for some odd reason.

I still eat out a lot, but the difference is I'm more aware of happy hours and 1/2 price off appetizers. (East Side Showroom, Parkside, Backspace, La Sombre, Uchiko!)


dramatic exits

I'm feeling happy and contented right now, and it's been a rather rough week, so I'm glad to note that. Andy is at the hideout right now, premiering his "live nude improv" show, which is his brainchild, and something he's been stressing out over. I would've been there, except I had a mini-wedding today. It was 1.5 hrs long, and my only primary wedding gig this month. It was at Buca di Beppo, which is a family-style, Italian chain restaurant with really over-the-top decorations on the wall. It was definitely a challenge, but I felt so energized doing it. Afterwards I felt a high. I shot 581 photos for a 90 min gig.

Yesterday, Andy and I had a huge fight. And I dramatically walked out of the house, to get into my car and walk away. On my way to my car, I heard a woman's voice: "Hey! Heeeeeaaay!"
I looked up, and there were two women in a balcony with beers in their hands. Oh great. That's where the frat boy lives, and these are some dumb girls.
"Heeaaay. Can you help us? We're stuck in this balcony."

It would've been funny except I was in a foul mood after the fight with Andy and in the middle of a dramatic exit.

"We accidentally locked ourselves out, can you let us back in please?"

So I went up the stairs and into their condo, and I tried to remove the safety latch but it was stuck. They tried to futilely open the door, while I tugged on the little latch.

Finally I was like: "Do you have a screwdriver?" But they didn't know where it was. And so I said: "You guys are messing up my dramatic exit on my husband."

So I went back inside the house to get a screwdriver, at which point Andy yells at me from the bed. "HEeeeey! Hey!!" And I walked out with the screwdriver, and unscrewed the neighbour's safety latch. And rescued them. Turns out they're new tenents, and seem pretty cool and not the frat boy crowd I was expecting.

I put the screwdriver back inside my house. Andy yelling from the bed: "Not cool!"

And then I continued on with my dramatic exit.



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