September 14th, 2011

I like pretty things

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Last night and today was spent learning Adobe inDesign. Hello, it's $700!!! I'm using the trial version, and I'm thinking I may just upgrade from Photoshop to the whole creative suite for $850 because it gives me Illustrator. Not that I know what it does, but it would've been cheaper for me to buy the suite before. The suite is cheaper then inDesign + Photoshop individually.

After learning inDesign, I figured out that it's so much easier to design albums using inDesign then Photoshop.

There was a really rough power outage today, and when I turned on my computer the first time it acted really sluggish and I was so worried. Then I finally got around to installing the UPS that had been gathering dust, and then I vacuumed the cat hair around the computer, and even opened up my computer but it looks fine inside. It's working great now.

Nothing like installing a UPS -after- a power outage.

The corporate gig went well, I actually bumped into a whole lot of old coworkers, and also other friends. It was a project management conference. I guess I know a lot of project managers. The keynote speaker was actually pretty interesting. He wrote a book called "Take the stairs". He interviewed a bunch of successful people, and basically found out that they don't mind hard work. Duh. And he says if there's stairs or escalators, to choose the stairs, because it teaches you to exercise willpower and discipline. Instead of having an entitlement mentality.

I like the message, because I coasted through my software engineer job. And I'm definitely working harder on my own business than as an employee. And hard work is hard. But I do think the key is, finding something you're willing to work hard for.