December 6th, 2011

I like pretty things

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I was watching the biggest loser tonight and was crying through portions of it. such a good TV show!

Now that the weather is cool, and high wedding season is over, there really is no more excuses for me not to exercise! I need to work out and walk and dance and run and do something.

The first thing is I have "the 7000 jumping jacks" project. Basically I read in a tumblr somewhere that it takes 7000 jumping jacks to burn 1 lb. So I'm going to try to do 7000.
Today I've done 200! :) Yay.

Last weekend was full of holiday parties... a wedding I shot on friday, Kaci's gallery viewing on Saturday and Beth's ballet party. It was not good on the waist line, and it was a bit stressful for me social wise. I do so much better in small groups.

I also was bored and painted today. But the result was not that good. Here is my 10 minute art project today. I may have spent more time digging around for my dusty art supplies. I thought I had water color somewhere here but I just found some color pencils that could have water added and soem sort of gauche paint.

I wanted to do clouds inside a heart, but it didn't really work out :-) Especially using color pencils, gauche paint and more color pencils that dissolve in water.