March 6th, 2012

I like pretty things

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hello hello!
i actually blogged about WPPI quite a bit, but made it private since most of you prob don't care about all the photo drama :)

Basically right now, I'm just really driven about photography. Like really really focused, and trying to get better, and really wanting, needing to get better. It's a level of passion that I never felt for software engineering, and it's been crazy. Apparently, I can be a workaholic. If I actually love what I'm doing. Common sense, yet still a surprise to me.

I shot a wedding two weeks ago, and sent them a slideshow, and the bride wrote this for me. Which made me feel so good. "OMG!! these are so beautiful!!!! everything I could have wished for!!! you are AMAZING!!! Yes, the address below is correct.. you are so great at catching so many details and you've made me relive my wedding when I look at the pictures... Rick says "she's the only person who's ever taken pictures of me and I like every angle she takes :) ) I can't wait for my family to see them!! Everyone raved about how aswesome you were and what a fun photographer and they loved working with you too!"

I have 17 weddings on the books for 2012. Trying to make it to 27 for this year.
I am still struggling with pricing, but next week I'm doing a business workshop in Dallas which hopefully should teach me how I can make more money.