May 4th, 2012

I like pretty things

day 9 in costa rica: manuel antonio national park

it was a grizzley and dark gray morning, but we persisted in going on the tour of the manuel antonio park, probably the most famous park in costa rica. we had a guide, who carried around a huge telescope, and we would look through it to see: a baby sloth, a tree frog, iguana (the chicken of the trees since it tastes like chicken), and a bunch of birds.

There is not enough monkeys in our trip! So far we've seen a few in the trees but nothing up close. It was too rainy for the monkeys to show up in the beach.

The beach has nice texture sand, but the water isn't clear in Playa Manual Antonio. Also it smells like algae.

We had dinner at El Arado, a local-ish place.

I am starting to become homesick. But our trip is almost over.