October 27th, 2012

I like pretty things

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Today I shot a wedding of a woman I met at ballet class :) And she is a super graceful asian and her last name was a classic Japanese warrior name. I overheard her and her father talk, and I was like... Man, japanese sounds a lot like spanish! And... then figured out they were Peruvian Japanese! They all speak fluent spanish. It was such cognitive dissonance to hear her older asian father belting out Peruvian songs... so awesome.

Since that was an early wedding, we ended up going to Todd and Beth's engagement party (they met at my wedding). Beth is a ballet austin company member. There were 4 sets of couples there I had shot: engagement session, a maternity session, and another couple I did their baby portraits for was there. Yay!

Later tonight we're headed to the improv halloween party which I do have trepidation for because it's so big and so many people and I always feel very much "Andy's wife" while I'm there. But hopefully I'll find enough people to chat with!