November 22nd, 2012

I like pretty things

Foundation Conference

So this conference was more of highs and lows. There is a pretty obvious clique that everyone knows about, and it's starting to bother me. The conference is small, about 200 people, and most people make an effort to talk to newbies, and say hi and introduce themselves, but several of the people in the clique just hang out with each other. It's understandable because they're really good friends and just want to be with each other, but I also feel as leaders of the community they should make more of an effort to talk to other people.

Anyways, I was just so highly tuned to the social dynamics that were going on, and listening to other photogs bitching about the clique, then I found myself defending the clique. Too much drama. The conference costs 450 and it was $100 per night, so it was an expensive thing, and I missed part of boardgame geek. I'm no longer sure it's worth the networking when there's so much drama. On one part, I do have a blast and I met a ton of great people, I get invites to work with awesome photographers in places like Cancun. Is it worth it if it's 80% awesome and 20% bullshit?

I don't know.
I like pretty things

Do you want to be captain?

boardgamegeek was a LOT of fun. I missed the first 2 days since I was at Foundation Conference.
Played a bunch of games... one of my fav experience was wondering around at 1 am looking for games, and stumbling into Artemis. I had no idea what it was. People were in a darkened room looking at a projection. There were 5 computer stations and one big armchair in front of the projection. Someone looked at me and said: "Do you want to be Captain?"

I had no idea what was going on, but I said, "Yes!
Him: "Have you seen Star Trek?"
Me: "Yes!"
Him: "You'll be fine!"

So I sat on the armahair, while 5 people fiddled away on computers behind me. And apparently I was the Captain of Starship Artemis.

It was so freaking fun. There were 5 people clamoring at my ear: "Captain! Incoming enemy vessals!" "Captain! Space station 4 needs our help!" "Captain, we are running low on fuel!"
And I had to decide on a course of action, and once decided, people just immediately obeyed. It was a blast because I had no idea what was going on in the stations, and later on, when I came back to play the helm station, it was actually rather difficult to navigate the ship, and almost flew us into a black hole when I was avoiding mines. Each station was a computer game in itself.

Definitely the highlight of BGGCon.

These were the boardgames I played: