March 25th, 2013

I like pretty things

PAX East

PAX is a video game, table top gaming convention. There was a boardgame section but I ignored it since I already go to a con for that. My favorite part of PAX was going through the Indie section and trying out all these random games. Some games are not coming out till Dec 2014, assuming they're funded. The larger companies like Elder Scrolls online had lines that were 2 hours long or more. It's ridiculous. I ignored those lines, though I am tempted by Elder Scrolls online... but MMOs are EVIL. STAY AWAY.

I was introduced to Super Meat Boy and Borderlands 2. Also some cool games like Transistor (2014), and Contrast (Really cool game, twenties looking, just innovative, coming out in 6 months.) There were other indie games that didn't survive my interest after playing them for 5 minutes: Journal, Tengami, and others I don't remember.

I met the Spaceteam developer! So exciting. I had him take a picture with me and he seemed surprised that I wanted a photo with him. SPACETEAM!

I met a 21 year old boy/man who quit college and built his game The Swappers, and it was well done. And it made me jealous of him! I want a game.

So being surrounded by so many people pursuing their dream of videogame development definitely made me want to build a game. I technically have done game development (Ancient Anguish WOO!) and I just want to make one game. At least get one crappy game developed and out of the way. Even if it's a pixel flying back and forth.

PAX was inspiring and tiring and invigorating.
I like pretty things

New Hampshire

After PAX, my old old friend Dei picked me up from Boston and took me to Rochester, NH. We swung by Chinatown Boston for some delicious food, and then went to the even more wintry northeast.

Dei is an old old friend, I met her in French lessons at the Alliance Francais in Jakarta back when I was super young. We went on a Paris trip together and she was the one who got me to join the church: Charismatic Worship Service when I was about 16 years old, and I got into a super evangelist phase. I was a bridesmaid at her wedding 10 years ago and that was the last time I saw her.

We met yesterday and I saw her two children for the first time: Israel and Abednego. They're adorable. She and her husband started a church up here which mainly serves the Indonesian immigrants who work in the factories nearby. I don't really have an Indonesian community in Austin, which is sad and liberating at the same time. And I haven't spoken Indonesian much but it's amazing how all those neurons are firing back to life. I can almost feel pathways that have shriveled up suddenly getting a burst of electricity and waking up. The brain is an amazing tool. I like that those cells were dormant instead of dead because after a few hours I found myself replying in Indonesian instead of English, and then when I tried to talk in English and my brain got confused and I was confused and it was really an odd feeling.

Most of the day was spent in their house chilling and hanging out with her kids, and then one of their church members cooked a small feast for me. Blackened tuna topped with chili and chicken with chili and pork satay with chili (I specifically wanted the spicy foods I remembered from childhood.) So delicious. I am SO FULL right now. But so happy. This time while the cook, a really sweet Grandpa was cooking, I asked questions, took some video, and I'm excited to try this out at home!

The community is so close knit here. Apparently the Indonesians are the largest immigrants in this area. Who knew. There are 15 Indonesian churches here!

My friends are all so scattered.