April 9th, 2013

I like pretty things

I'm like a leaf...

... fluttering from one hobby to another. Sometimes something like Photography takes root longer because it makes money. Or sometimes I fall desperately in love with it, like Dance. And sometimes like white water rafting, it just doesn't happen often because there's no rivers around.

When I went to PAX I was really wanting to write a game. I registered for the Apple dev program ($100), but now weeks later, the desire has waned. And I read about e-books and I realized that I want to write. Not realized. Re-realized. I wrote a short story a long time ago, but it got lost in digital limbo (side note: print and back up your wedding photos). When I was small I started writing a book: "How to be a good parent". Yeah, subtle rebellion there.

I've lived with half-formed ideas of an alternate universe for a while, but for some reason I don't write. Except in livejournal. In facebook and twitter. Throwaway words.

I read a lot. I think I will hit about 60 books read this year. Most are crappy young adult, but I'm running out of things to read. Things I like to read: fantasy, soft sci-fi. Young adult just happens to have lots of magic and fantastical stuff in it.

Sometimes I'll groan in disgust at a book and say: I can write better then this!

But I'm like that amateur person in the audience that say: I can do this! But they don't. So they can't actually.

When I was a kid, I dreamt of writing a book, being a scientist in a forest somewhere, and winning the nobel prize. Maybe it's time to make one of those dreams come true.