August 19th, 2013

I like pretty things

dance camp day 3

"Ideally, there would be a man in every hole."
Said our teacher during Repertory class today, since there were only 2 men in our class, and 17 women, and he promptly blushed.

Day 2 of dance camp went well. My body is sore, but not terribly so. Morning technique class by Chris Hird was wonderful. I really do like the Royal Ballet style, and 1 hour 45 min for class is nice. It was followed by a pirouette class. And the entire time I thought I was in Rep class: "Man, this Rep is so hard and it sucks. It's all turns from fifth... to fifth, and pique turns and lame ducks." And I was trying to memorize every combination. It wasn't until later that I realize to my relief that it was pirouette class.

Repertory class came around, and it is loosely based from the first act of Swan Lake, and we've only done a quarter of it so far. Basically I'm part of the background, it's still fun and strangely a lot of work for just… you know, being wallpaper. The one million ballottés in that Rep is killing me though.

Several of us ended the night at Nacho Mama's, where we geeked out on Roberto Bolle, English English vs American English, and other important ballet topics. I had 2 glasses of sangria, which gives me strength to face another day tomorrow!