August 22nd, 2013

I like pretty things

dance camp: ballet geek out

i felt mostly tired today, but we got through technique class. it was chris' class which is lovely as usual. he noticed an improvement in how i crossed my sous sous and he said it's much better then tuesday. he said it takes 150 repetitions to get something, so a small improvement is good.

oh, i apparently change my foot when i try to double piroutte.

partnering class was great, my partner was a richmond ballet trainee: evan. he is lovely and is going to julliard next year.

my achilles tendon was hurting me, so i kept massaging my calves and putting this exotic australian spray called "zen" on it. and it actually is doing well today.

i did a fouette turn with a partner, evan! it was awesome!!!!!!

partnering is fun.

i'm having such a good time. dance camp is some of the highlights of my life.

I like pretty things

dance camp

later that night we drank 5 glasses of wine, chris ran through all the pieces.
then we danced eitghties music and i think i got the pique lame duck combination.