August 24th, 2013

I like pretty things

performance day

it was good. i didn't throw up.

we were doing a final run through in the studio and danile decided to move me to the front line and the two girls in the front to the back. so instead of a V it was an upside down-V, with me at the top.

basically, the girls hadn't memorized the dance and so got confused. i am really comfortable with being in the back... i follow all the time in class, it's just easier to follow people, especially during performance. but i rehearsed the crap of this piece and the two other girls i guess did not. and as punishment i got put in front. which has never happened before.

So. I did it, but it was super stressful.
i saw the video of myself and i'm not that happy with how i look. i'm too bouncy!
next camp: less bounce.

after performances, we had a lovely dinner and now i'm back in the hotel room, too wiped to use capital letters.