September 3rd, 2013

I like pretty things


We have been in Boston since Friday and have been doing some intensive touring. We started Friday night at Island Creek Oysters and walking around Fenway park, taking in the game night energy.

On Saturday we went to the North End, which is the Italian section of Boston and ate at Neptune's Oyster so Andy could try a good lobster roll. The oysters and clams here make me so happy, what a wonder to have fresh seafood!

Andy went to talk improv with the Improv Asylum people, and we saw a bit of their improv show. They were really good and had me cracking up, playful, confident. Also they are one of the few improv theatres that pay their performers enough that they actually make a living from just improv. It's a pretty grueling schedule though, on Saturday alone they do 3 shows.

We then stood in line for some cannoli at Modern Pastry, and discovered the Lobster Tail. A giant pastry filled with ricotta cheese, whip cream, etc. It was delicious.

Then we hoofed it to Boston Improv, where we saw... terrible improv. LIKE AWFUL. It was awful enough that the audience was barely making the laughing murmur sound, and after 3 scenes, I left. I would've waited for intermission except that the performers were emphatic about us leaving any time to get alcohol at the bar, so I just pretended I needed a drink refill. Ok, so it was so bad that Andy also left at intermission. It probably wouldn't have been so awful if I hadn't just seen Improv Asylum 2 hours ago and so it was such a stark contrast. Improv Boston was like a new troupe, not connecting with the audience, trying hard to be funny and failing, it was amazing. Especially since their tickets go for $18 and it was a Sat night.

We then had ice-cream at Toscanini's.

On Sunday I shot a wedding in the Plymouth and Duxbury area. We took the time to look at Plymouth Rock, it was surrounded by iron bars and we couldn't touch it. We saw the replica of the Mayflower. We looked through the passenger list and couldn't find Andy's last name.

The wedding was a lot of fun. It was so nice meeting the bride for the first time, and her family was amazing. There was so much food! We had our third lobster roll and we stayed late covering that wedding and tiredly got back to Boston to sleep.

Monday we visited Shanghai Gate (the third restaurant on the Boston Eater 38 list we visited) and Kung Fu Bubble Tea for some Taro milk green tea. Did some shopping at Buffalo Exchange, and visited Cambridge. There is a really cool independent book store called Harvard Book Store (not affiliated with the University) where Andy bought JK Rowling's The Cuckoo's Calling. And I happily made snarky comments on Foursquare's Harvard locations. We napped at Harvard Yard and saw the freshmen taking convocation photos at their individual Houses. They have this sorting hat thing where students are placed in different Houses.

Then we went to Newbury Street, which is like Fifth Avenue, and walked around and shopped. And then got back home to our hosts in Belmont who had made us a delicious dinner.

Today we move on to New Hampshire!