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September 7th, 2013

ballet austin feteish.

Andy and I went to the annual Ballet Austin Feteish party today. I've gone every year and this year it's at the Driskill again.

I wore make up, put on contact lens and uncomfortable high heels. Andy wore a shirt, a suit jacket we picked up at the Boston buffalo exchange, and we swung by Ed's house to borrow his bow tie for Andy. Andy watched YouTube to figure out how to tie a bow tie.

The party was fabulous as usual. People seemed to be even fancier dressed with the women in long formal dresses, and I notice more men in bowties then before. But maybe I only notice it now because of Matt Smith as the Doctor.

After the party James, Preston, Snehal, Andy and me went to the Firehouse to talk and drink some home made ginger moscow mules. Delish.