September 27th, 2013

I like pretty things

Precious... my precious

So last Sunday, in a strange case of serendipity, I ended up watching a movie premiere called Chanthaly. It's only the 9th feature movie by Laos, and directed by its first female director, Mattie Do. Mattie had reached out to me because in 2006 I was active in BalletTalk, and we interacted a few times. And she found me on livejournal because I had the same user name, and invited me to her premiere. Her movie was one of Fantastic Fest's selection, a horror-genre film festival hosted by the Alamo Drafthouse.

While we were in the lobby afterwards, chatting about her film, I saw Elijah Woods walking past me. And I'm like... hey! That's Elijah Wood! And no one else seemed to notice, and he walked on into the theatre. For the non-nerds, Elijah Wood was Frodo in the Lord of the rings trilogy.

Fast forward to today. It's Thursday night and Andy and I went to see a movie that was not part of Fantastic Fest, but happened to be in the same theatre. We were in the lobby afterwards talking about the movie, and Andy said: "I gotta pee." As he left, I turned around, and there was Elijah Wood, with just one other person. And I thought, that's a perfect time for me to ask for a photo! But Andy had just gone to the bathroom and I anxiously waited for him to return. By the time Andy showed up, Elijah had moved on.

We went outside where the festival tents were, and there he was again. But he seemed busy, so I didn't ask for a photo. Then these two cute girls passed by and asked for a photo and he posed with them.

So then, I really wanted a photo, but he disappeared.

During this time, amazing things were happening around me.
People were falling off buildings.
A car crashed into another car and rolled around.
A car exploded.
People were set on fire.

For serious. It was the Fantastic Fest closing party and the highlights were these stunt men doing tricks.

But i had my mind on one thing: a photo with Elijah Wood.
So I sent Andy to look for him. Andy couldn't find him. So I went around looking for him. And I found him!

Andy at this point was shaking his head: "Baby, now you're being a crazy stalker."

I waited until Elijah was walking away and I ran to him and touched him lightly on his arm. He didn't turn around.
So I touched him on his arm again. (Yes. I realize at this point I had gone into crazy stalker mode.)

He turns around. I asked him if I could have a photo with him.
Then I trip over a chair. The chair falls on him.
At this point I'm mortified. Andy in the meantime was watching all this being completely uncomfortable as his social anxiety nightmare happens before him and thinking: "Oh, this is the opposite of being cool."

Elijah looks at me like I'm crazy. I think that's what the look on his face meant.
I lifted the chair up and said. "Oh. Awkward."

But then he very good-naturedly posed for a photo with me. Then he looked at me and said: "Awesome!"
And he walked off. And hopefully he will not remember that interaction, and forget me immediately.

Andy and I was laughing over this afterwards, though I was quite embarassed..

So here's the blurry photo of me and Elijah. Now that the awkwardness is over, HOW FUCKING COOL IS THIS? I HAVE A PHOTO WITH FRODO!