October 23rd, 2013

I like pretty things

austin film festival day 0

So. I am so rediculously networked out right now, my voice is hoarse from all the talking.

A while ago, I noticed my friend Olga was donating cupcakes to the Austin Film Festival (AFF) fundraiser at the driskill and I finagled an internship for the day there where I helped her out, and in return I was there. I did spend time telling people about the cupcakes "Black bottom, strawberry and cream! And oreo cake pops!"

Then I went around drinking and eating delicious food. But in addition, I met so many film people. Like a literary agent from LA and the video editor for Robert Rodriguez.

In addition, I sent an email not really expecting too much to the AFF photo guy saying: "Hey, I'm sorry but this year I'm shooting 2 weddings Fri and Saturday but if you need me from the other dates, I am happy to help." Fri/Sat are like the big days so I pretty much was volunteering for weak sauce photography days but he responded... and not only that, he hooked me up with a Producer badge, which is the highest level badge for AFF.

So from probably not attending AFF, I'm like all set.

Today I got to meet so many people. It was one of those magical days of possibilities. Of ideas and things being possible and maybe happening and maybe making a film.

It is like the first days of dating where there's all this potential and dreams and hope and it was just amazing.