November 17th, 2013

I like pretty things

Wine Chocolate and Cheese XI

It was a fabulous night. I had a great dress from anthro that I loved. There were a lot of people. There was about an hour where there were toooo many people. But in general it was pretty manageable.

I think the time has to move to 9 pm start. Because when we say 7:30 pm start... people arrive on time. And then we are socializing and hosting from 7:30 to 2:30 am. Which is a lot of socializing for this introvert.

Lots of good food... I mainly just drank sake and stuck with one type of alcohol, since I'm smarter about that.

Andy made a delicious chicken rendang recipe that went over really well. We had cheese straws, a coconut chocolate cake, brownies, mousse, lots of chocolate and cheese.

The ballet austin dancers were here and were friendly. I turned my room into the star room, but people kept calling it the makeout room. So it took a while for people to hang out in there. It was dark with stars projected on the ceiling. And that was where I ended the night with Jaymee and then Ed. And it was nice and calm.