December 8th, 2013

I like pretty things

Production day

I directed my first short!

Man it was a LOT of work. I fed the crew breakfast tacos and then dinner tacos and cake. Call was at 1:30 pm and we warpped up at midnight!

Some of the scenes took like 40 takes.

We had a rehearsal on Saturday and Andy pretty much directed the actors while I was working with the DP since the DP had a lot of questions. So I was super nervous about production day since Andy had to teach class so I had to direct the first few scenes myself.

But actually I'm glad he wasn't there. Because if he was, I would've relied on it, and I was most nervous about directing the actors. Since he wasn't there, it forced me to do it myself and I slowly got more and more comfortable with it. So actually when Andy came we had some artistic differences :-)

The actors, Tanner and Lindsey were just such pros to work with. And the DP, George, who I found on Craigslist was just amazing. He brought lights, and a monitor and a million equipment. I was so lucky.

Everyone got pretty exhausted by midnight and when I finally call it a warp everyone was so happy and huggy.

I had a great time! Now I just have to edit all this footage. So... much... footage for a 5 minute short.