January 1st, 2014

I like pretty things


I was bored and was perusing livejournal and there were more posts then usual, and I realized some of my friends came out of the woodworks to post summaries of their 2013.

Well, 2013 was good to us. The summer was my summer of travel, I enjoyed a road trip to santa cruz, and there were flights to all over. Like Costa Rica (too expensive and overhyped) and Andy's first visit to the New England area, which we love.

2013 was a year that I fell deeper in love with Andy. I mean, we still argue and fight. And in the middle of those fights I think and say terrible things, which I will admit is a character flaw. However, overall in the trending graphs, I love him so much more. Like a deep, deep, comfortable love.

My business got a little bit better, I charged a little bit more and photography is more like a job.

I took a film class and while I love directing, I really really dislike editing. Which I blame on my photography job.

I read a LOT of books. I think I average 1.5 books a week.

Also resubscribed to The New Yorker. Which means that now I can pretend to be an intellectual.

2013 was a nice comfortable nesting year for me. Friends, love, books and food. I miss 2013 already.