March 8th, 2014

I like pretty things

community: baby and sxsw

Well one good thing about the overt publicity of facebook is that we've received several offers of free baby clothes, and suggestions of a kid rodeo (making a group of friends that babysit for each other.)

Free baby clothes is good, I don't really want to spend money on something she'll outgrow in months. Also one of my friends is mailing me a baby sling!

Community is good.

Also, now I can feel less FAT! I've been rubbing my belly a lot too.

Yesterday was the start of SXSW, I just went to one session, and I saw the austin premiere of Cosmos, with Neil DeGrasse Tyson there. And it was cool, if a bit dry and very anti-religion. It needs more funny stuff, otherwise it's just like watching discovery channel, which is fine for 20 minutes.

Cool SXSW I've seen: nutella popcorn, water that you can put electronics in but doesn't conduct or corrode, an artist making art using just brown masking tape.
I like pretty things

I'm a SXSW filmmaker!

So I submitted my short film to the SXSW student ASoF showcase (austin school of film), and never heard anything back. And realized that the screening was tomorrow... and then I emailed a few people, and one of them was like: Oh yeah, the short is in there.

And I'm like WHAT? So I belatedly emailed the crew to let them know that in less then 12 hours, to come to the screening if they'd like.

It's a student show case, but still, it's a SXSW event! It's on the schedule and such!


A part of me wants no one to ever watch it.

And another part of me is like YAY! Everyone watch it.

It is pretty much how you would expect a first time short film to be like. Full of color correction mistakes, amateurish. But I am also freaking proud that I did it.

It was a ton of work yo!