March 28th, 2014

I like pretty things

dinner party

Yesterday, Andy and I went to the best dinner party of our lives so far.

I had seen our friends' movie: Arlo and Julie at SXSW, and noticed the executive producers were our old neighbors. So I messaged them on facebook, and we got invited to a dinner party.

They are campaign managers for Republicans, and work for 3 months and then travel the world the rest of the year. So we lost touch with them, but it turns out they bought a house close by and seemed ready to settle down.

So the food was amazing. There was just four of us, and she made salmon sushi with edamame puree. Strawberry poached shrimp salad. Truffle mushroom cream soup. Braised beef cheeks with roquefort cauliflower. Andy and I kept widening our eyes, and then I finally found out she was a line cook for a michelin star restaurant called Saul. So that made sense!

We also got regaled with tales of Republican races and it was all so very fascinating.

And their travels! They've lived in Indonesia, and all these different parts of the world.

They also gave me a great compliment when they were like... you guys are like us!